Hello, I’m Gethin Russell-Jones, and I’m delighted to be your host on our new Plain Talking podcasts.

Each month, I’ll be interviewing key figures on subjects that concern us all – and from a Christian perspective. Health (physical and spiritual), happiness, the environment – and of course the Bible – are just some of the topics we’ve lined up for our new monthly podcasts.

I look forward to presenting our Plain Talking podcasts and hope you find them informative, interesting and inspiring. And if you do like them, please share them with others using the ‘Share’ button.

Plain Talking – Episode 3

In this latest episode of Plain Talking, our first interview concerns the rise to power by the Taliban in Afghanistan and the plight of underground Christians. Gethin speaks to Andrew Boyd of Release International about how the ‘invisible church’ is managing to survive.
Then we discuss North Korea, the country where Christians face the most extreme persecution for their faith and holds the top position on Open Doors’ World Watch List. Escapee and convert Timothy Cho (of Open Doors) describes the conditions under which an estimated 3-400,000 Christians live in this oppressive country.
Finally, Br David Jardine helps us deal with anxiety by sharing his experience – and advice – learned from serving in tough areas: Northern Ireland’s notorious Crumlin Road Gaol, and Brooklyn, New York, where 3,000 murders are recorded every year.

Plain Talking – Episode 2

This month Gethin talks to Lynn Murray about a court case highlighting discrimination against people with Down’s Syndrome. We also hear from Sue Davies, whose son Michael has Down’s Syndrome.

Gloria Leccese, Advocacy Officer at Open Doors International, then discusses a disturbing new report which exposes appalling human rights abuses against Christians and Muslims in India.

And finally we chat with The Plain Truth regular contributor Br David Jardine. Enjoy!

Plain Talking – Episode 1

In this very first episode of Plain Talking, we have an interview with Paul Estabrook, from Open Doors, who will have listeners on the edge of their seats with the exciting story of Project Pearl, the night when 1 million Bibles were smuggled into China and how God blessed and protected those involved.

You’ll also hear from Br David Jardine, a Clergyman in the Church of Ireland and a member of the order of the Society of St Francis who has become a regular and much-loved author in The Plain Truth over the last couple of years. David will provide a message each month, and this time it’s about forgiveness.

Plus, there’s a short message from Plain Truth Editor, Mary Hammond, who thanks the many Plain Truth subscribers that have given support over the years, enabling The Plain Truth magazine to be given FREE of charge and mailed – would you believe – to 81 countries across the globe!